Get an easy ride anywhere inside Dhaka.

Amar Ride matches you with bikers that are on your way

How Amar Ride Works


Network of Rides, on palm of your hands. Request To avail.


Hop into the vehicle and start your "Amar Ride" in minutes.


Make your payment easier through cash, wallet or bKash.

Amar Ride partner App


Accept more and earn more.Happy riding.


Hop into the vehicle and start your "Amar Ride" in minutes.


Make your payment easier through cash, wallet or bKash.

Secure & Safe

Amar Ride cares. We are sensitive towards your safety concerns and we know there are people waiting for you at your destination.

Send a safety SMS to your close one and provide them with the information about your ride.

Easy Pickup/Drop

Amar Ride makes it easy to connect you with people going your way.

Transparent Payment

Your fare will be displayed before you confirm your ride with Amar Ride. Pay in cash or pay through Amar Ride balance, make sure you make a Amar Ride journey.

FrequentlY askedQuestions

Inorder to get rides and use the service as a client, you have to download Amar Ride app from Google Playstore and signup.

The link to Amar Ride app is:

You have to become a Amar Ride partner to give rides and earn money. Inorder to become a Amar Ride partner, you have to first fill the form at

You will be notified after your account is verified within 24 hrs.
After that you have to download Amar Ride Partner app from Google Playstore and signup using the mobile number and password you used to fill the form.

The link to Amar Ride partner app is:

Yes, you can use same mobile number to use both the app. However, the process to signup are different. You will have to signup on both the apps separately using the process mentioned above.

If you have signed up only in Amar Ride app, do not expect the same account to work in Amar Ride partner app. You have to signup again for Amar Ride partner app following the required procedures even if you use the same mobile number.

For clients, you have to turn on the mobile data or have an internet connection till the driver accepts your ride request. After that it is optional. However, if you still want to turn on your mobile data throughout the ride, you get some additional features like knowing the driver status and tracking the driver on way.

For the driver, yes you will have to turn on your Mobile data throughout the ride.

PS: The data cost for using our application for one particular ride of about 5 km is Rs 1. Make sure you have turned off other application from using your mobile data at that particular time. You can change this in your settings.

What people are sayingabout us


Zakaria Shuvo

For a person like me and many others out there, Amar Ride is just the right thing. For once, we would love not to ride in the over-crowded tempos and the over-priced taxis and simply reach our destination on time. Had a great ride the other day and the app seems perfect. I really hope this works out. Good luck Amar Rides!


Rayhanul Hoque

I was late for office and badly needed a ride. One of my friends had suggested Amar Ride, a ride sharing service in a minimal charge. I thought about giving it a try and this turned out to be a fun ride. I reached my office 10 minutes earlier than usual. I highly recommend Amar Ride to all my friends and family.


Shahrier Hossain

Easy, Fast, Safe and effective. Definitely the best way to move around Dhaka. Drivers are really friendly !